Only one out of every ten that start out in ministry makes it to the finish line.

Dr Beck, speaking to John Bisagno said “Stay true to Jesus! Make sure that you keep your heart close to Jesus every day. It’s a long way from here to where you’re going to and Satan’s in no hurry to get you…it is my observation that just one out of ten who start out in full-time service for the Lord at twenty-one are still on track by the age of sixty-five. They’re shot down morally, they’re shot down with discouragement, they are shot down with liberal theology, they get so obsessed with making money…but for one reason or the other, nine out of ten fall out.”

In the Christian race, it’s not how you start that matters, its how you finish.

If you are a Christian, Father or Husband and if you are serious about following Christ, then you are in the ministry Full Time…the enemy just doesn’t want you to realize it. Whatever your profession, if you know Jesus Christ, then ultimately, you work for Him. We are salt and light and Jesus didn’t mean being so part time. It is the rare, exceptional and teachable man that finishes strong. God is not looking for starters, he seeks finishers. Endurance is what separates the men from the boys. It’s a fruit of godly character. The Christian race is not a hundred yard dash but a marathon which doesn’t require speed but grit, determination and finishing power. It’s never too late to start doing the right thing. We finish strong by focusing on the Finisher of our faith, Jesus.

Source: Finishing Strong by Steve Farrar

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