There are five key factors that all “WOW” organizations share:

  1. PLANNING as a Perpetual Process
    They run their business using planning as an integral part of what they do every single day without exception.
    For them, planning is a process, NOT a project.
    While they might go off-site annually to take a fresh look at the plan, many of them probably don’t have to because they’ve adopted perpetual planning as a way of life.
  2. PEOPLE Who Fit, Today and Tomorrow
    They have highly-qualified, purpose-driven people who have the right attitude that makes them a “fit” for the culture.
    They place great emphasis on hiring and developing people who offer both the required skill sets, AND the right attitude.
    They have processes in place that are well-documented, precisely followed, and regularly modified to meet the ever-changing demands of the world around them both inside and outside the company.
    Well-documented processes tend to reduce costs of operation, improve quality, shorten delivery time, make people more accountable, and contribute to better bottom-line performance.
    The things we measure are the things that get done.
    Performetrics are not limited to the typical budgets, forecasts, dashboards, and other financial measures but also include specific performance metrics/expected outcomes tied to the strategic plan, and cascade down the organization so that each employee has individual measures that are directly or indirectly tied to the outcomes established in the strategic plan.
    They place primary emphasis on rewarding individual performance related to measurable outcomes that are totally within the control of each employee.
  5. PASSION to Be the Best
    Companies do NOT necessarily have to demonstrate passion to reach “WOW!” status, but passionate organizations and business owners seem to get there faster, and are less likely to regress because they continuously strive stay on top.
    Passion is most evidently displayed by the organization’s leader. Your employees and your customers can feel and see it in your day-to-day behavior.

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