Dear God,

To have the likes of the Virtuous Woman reading this message walking on earth, 
is just another proof that You love the world.

Thank you for blessing this generation with such a kind and diligent soul.

From birth, childhood, adolescence through to adulthood we pray for them;

Please help the young girls to have a full understanding of their worth.

Please shield them from men in their lives who are out to distort the

true image and role of fathers, uncles, brothers and male friends.

Please help those who have been emotionally scarred to heal and break free as they forgive the offenders and themselves.

Please help the young women to live life to the full and bless them in their chosen field.

Please help them shine in the darkest places and let love flow in their path.

Please protect and lift them up at all times.

Please enlighten the few that are yet to know that their body is just that – theirs; 

because a product that is not for sale, isn’t advertised.

Please help and grant them the grace to fulfill purpose in life.

Please ‘delete’ “friends” in their lives that are nothing

but a waste of time, space and energy.

Please bless their relationships with love, trust and mutual understanding.

Please grant the grown women the wisdom to continually

build up their homes and not tear it down.

Please help them to always remember that the house rests on its foundation;

but the home rests on the woman.

Please help them to always draw from You, the strength and resilience needed to do the work with the toughest job description: being a Mother.

Please hear the heart cry of those waiting on you to be mothers.

Please continue to defend the widows and the aged.

Please help the elderly women to sow seeds of grace in the hearts of

the young women in their lives.

and most of all Lord…

Please help the Virtuous Woman reading this note to 

End Well and Finish Strong in Jesus Name!


Thank you Father.


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